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03 Feb Друзья, если вы забыли:  весна близко!
--#ZALUZI!2020--C2NT 0 880
Друзья, если вы забыли:  весна близко! Серые денечки скоро закончатся, и надо бы  задуматься как легко и удобно регулировать солнечный напор там, где вы обитаете. Как говориться: готовь сани летом, а ..
23 Jul Parasols and awnings
--#ZALUZI!2020--C2NT 0 3696
Many people planning their area are faced with a big problem. It happens when the homesite is located on the sunny side. In the summer time it is especially uncomfortable for living, since it is very ..
23 Jul Mosquito nets – available comfort for everyone
--#ZALUZI!2020--C2NT 0 2132
Insects and dust in the house are the most annoying factors which disturb to enjoy the home cosines or focus on work. They bring especially many troubles in summer time, many Europeans however need to..
23 Jul Modern blinds – beauty, functionality and efficiency
--#ZALUZI!2020--C2NT 0 1945
Сегодня жалюзи являются популярным элементом оконного декора. Они красивы, занимают не много места, отлично защищают от солнечных лучей и насекомых, легко моются. Различные типы жалюзи можно встретить..
23 Jul Roller blinds
--#ZALUZI!2020--C2NT 0 8730
Introducing the new summer wears. The Journal 3 blog has been greatly improved and it now comes with the most advanced set of typography tools, including custom drop-cap support as well as optional ne..
23 Jul Curtain tracks in assortment
--#ZALUZI!2020--C2NT 0 3546
Company ZALUZI.LV offers high-quality curtain tracks at low prices with delivery service on the territory of Latvia. We are specialized in production and sale of the high-end products.We are also offi..
23 Jul Pleated blinds system 20mm - Vegas
--#ZALUZI!2020--C2NT 0 1554
According to our customers' demand we have added a new system of pleated blinds 20mm Vegas which is available not only as a ready item, but also in components.Additionally we have prepared for you v..
23 Jul Venetian blinds
--#ZALUZI!2020--C2NT 0 1221
Venetian blinds are suitable for any interior and are efficient solution for sun-protection by windows and doors decoration in any space. Venetian blinds are resistant to solar radiation and drop of t..
23 Jul Vertical blinds
--#ZALUZI!2020--C2NT 0 1263
Vertical blinds is a system of vertically placed slats one after other, made of durable specially treated material with high-protective features which almost doesn't fade under sunlight, doesn't accum..
23 Jul Improved systems of roller blinds COULISSE
--#ZALUZI!2020--C2NT 0 1080
Our company is glad to present a new item on the world market – improved systems of roller blinds COULISSE.Now the complete collection of systems by Coulisse company is available in our assortment.The..
23 Jul For our customers convenience we have opened new show-room
--#ZALUZI!2020--C2NT 0 989
Dear customers!From 18.03.2016 for your convenience we have opened new show-room in Dārzciema​ 39, Rīga, 1st floor (furniture store LARUS)Show-room is situated on the 1st floor. Please, note, we are w..
23 Jul Roller blinds RT
--#ZALUZI!2020--C2NT 0 1076
Our assortment was updated with a new roller blinds system called RT. As ready items we can offer two variants: free-hanging and duolight.The main advantages of this system are:well-engineered solutio..
23 Jul New systems of mosquito nets Genius – pleated nets GM17 and roller net
--#ZALUZI!2020--C2NT 0 1400
We are pleased to inform that there were added two new systems of mosquito nets to our offer.The main feature of system GM17 is extremely small depth – only 17 mm! And it is available in one- or two-s..
23 Jul Torro – system of electric curtain tracks
--#ZALUZI!2020--C2NT 0 1472
The offer of electric curtain tracks by the company “Dormax” includes now the completely new system - “Torro”The most interesting features of the system are: manual control possibility - “touch-motion..
23 Jul Pleated blinds system Cosiflor
--#ZALUZI!2020--C2NT 0 1429
Pleated blinds system Cosiflor 20mm is already available for order! You are welcome to get our new price-list of pleated blinds upon your request from the website...
23 Jul Panel Track Ultimate
--#ZALUZI!2020--C2NT 0 1310
In the family of Japanese panels (Panel track system) there was created a new aesthetic solution of luxury level.The high-end system “Ultimate” was engineered for the most demanding clients. The origi..
23 Jul Pleated curtains, pleated blinds
--#ZALUZI!2020--C2NT 0 2669
Pleated curtains (plisse) have got their name because of pleated form of fabric (concertina design) they are made of. The French word “plisse” is translated as “parallel pleats”. It is commonly believ..
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