Many people planning their area are faced with a big problem. It happens when the homesite is located on the sunny side. In the summer time it is especially uncomfortable for living, since it is very hot in this season of the year. In order to protect somehow themselves from the sun, there should be installed tent, canopy, parasol or awning. It should be noted every product has its own characteristics and has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we describe in this article.

Parasols and awnings are designed to protect the area from the sun, rain, snow or hail. Let us consider these two constructions.


Nowadays the world's automation leaders provide a wide range of parasols which serve as an awning for the homesites of various sizes. There are different types of parasols.

Parasols Classic

The cupola is fixed to the middle of the base;

Parasols Telescopic

Similar to the first type, but has the ability to fold and unfold. The rod comes up for one meter, which raises the base of the parasol. The disadvantage of this construction is a weak wind resistance;

Parasols Console

The console is fixed to the base and the cupola itself. This type of parasol has a great advantage - the ability to tilt the construction that allows you to adjust the location of the shadow. Also it has the ability to fold and unfold.

Many companies are manufacturing parasols. Russian manufacturers are not inferior in quality to European ones. They also have a special advantage - low cost, in spite of the high quality of the products.


This system is an easy-folding construction for protection from the sun and bad weather. There are different types of awnings.

Arm awnings

Some people believe this type of awnings are similar to the human elbow joint, so it has such name. The arm of this construction is the lever. It is a belt inside of it for stability of the mechanism. It is necessary for the fold and unfold of awnings. There are 4 or more arms depending on the type of construction. To improve the quality some manufacturers use the cassette technology. It should be noted that the awning fabric wears out quickly and requires often replacement. For this reason they are inexpensive.

Window awnings

Awnings of this type are divided into such types as vertical, hood awnings and markizolettas. They are installed on the outside of the window frame and serve as facade blinds.

Pergola awnings

They are used for sun protection of large areas. They are placed near the bearing wall and they cover the whole territory. So they manage to resist the wind.

Cupola awnings

The frame work of the awnings is made of the metal. The tent is made of acrylic fabric or PVC.


To install the awnings there should carefully read the instruction, or entrust it to professionals. But if you decide do it yourself, you should note that awnings are fixed to the wall - this is the main drawback. Sometimes it is impossible to  fix the construction properly to the wall, because the facades are different and cannot be changed.

As for parasols, they are installed more easily than awnings - it is the advantage. They are not fixed to the wall, and can stand along it, without spoiling the facade itself. Parasols are fixed to the floor, so they can stay where you want.


Parasols and awnings are equal in strength, but awnings have another important advantage. When the wind is strong, they can be folded thanks to the installed wind sensors. Because of this the awnings are more expensive than parasols.

Sun protection

Awnings and parasols are equal in sun protection. However, you should choose the right awnings, because they made of different materials. Nowadays the best sunprotection fabric is acrylic. This fabric is used in the manufacture of parasols and awnings.


The frame structures of the both sunprotection constructions are mainly made of aluminum or wood. On the international market you can find a lot of awnings' manufacturers. We will introduce to you the most popular manufacturers.

Awnings SELT

This well-known European company has been long engaged in manufacture of awnings. Since its inception the products of this company managed to appeal to many buyers, because they have many advantages.


  • High-quality fabric dyeing and frame coating in accordance with the European standards. Experts of the company use the powder paint which is absolutely harmless, protects from dirt and easy to clean;
  • Robust base made of aluminum and manufactured by famous "Leiber" company. Its products are characterized with high quality and durability;
  • Complete production of components is well-engineered and during  manufacturing there won't be any waste products;
  • Awnings SELT have many awards confirming the high quality of the goods. Products are tested and approved by the Building Research Institute;

It should be noted that the SELT company is in the international market for 15 years and always surprises buyers with various products and makes different types of awnings. For example, arm awnings, window awnings, vertical awnings and awnings for verandas. The unique feature of the manufacturer is the production of decorative plugs and screws for fixation.

Awnings' fabrics are ordered from various European companies, which are responsible for the high quality of the material and good sun protection. The mechanism is easy in use and easy in assembly or disassembly.

Awnings MOL

This Polish manufacturer works in the international market not for a long time, but managed to win the hearts of many customers. This company provides customers with high quality products of different kinds and colors. We also would like to note, that the manufacturer provides 2 year warranty, that means  also technical service for the product during 2 years.

The frame work is made of high quality  metal, which ensures strength of the construction, the tent is made of acrylic fabric that provides good sun protection. Printing design on the awning can be made by request, different shapes and sizes possible.

Awnings Markilux

Today the German company «Markilux» is a market leader of the international market. This German company produces various types of high quality awnings, as well as balcony and terrace awnings. In the manufacturing process there are taken into account all wishes of the customers. The mechanism has simple construction and control. Awnings «Markilux» have not only manual but also automatic control.

Fabrics for this products are exclusively manufactured for the  company Markilux. The durable fabric is designed by more than 800 people. It can be of different colors and patterns, which can be selected by the customer. Factory is located in Emsdetten in Münsterland.

It should be noted this company has a lot of certificates and diplomas confirming the high quality of products. Products of this manufacturer are ecological and environment-friendly.

We have mentioned only several popular manufacturers, but in fact there are much more of them. Everyone has its own features, advantages and disadvantages, so you need to study the characteristics of each product carefully when choosing the product for you. Each manufacturer has different approaches to customers, sets individual prices according to the customer's requirements, wishes and  characteristics of products.

It is not enough to choose the right awnings for your homesite, you also need to know how to assemble and install them. Therefore, we recommend to contact the experts, who are responsible for qualitative installation of awnings.

Keep in mind that parasols and awnings will protect you from burns and heat, as well as they are excellent element of decoration of  your homesite.