Company ZALUZI.LV offers high-quality curtain tracks at low prices with delivery service on the territory of Latvia. We are specialized in production and sale of the high-end products.

We are also official representative of the company “Dormax” – well-known producer of shading systems.

We are also representative of such companies as “Forest” and “Zegar” – famous world top producers in the field of high-quality components for curtain tracks and rods. Direct and well-organized supplies of the components for curtain tracks give us possibility to assemble any order within 15 minutes in spite of its complexity and volume.

In our catalogue you can find great variety of ready solutions, where you can select the optimal variant. It is also possible to make the order according to individual project and characteristics.

Curtain tracks “Forest”

Electric tracks by “Forest” TM are on the top position of the correspondent market segment. During the assembling there are used plastic rollers produced according to patented unique technology, which ensure the highest quality of the end-product. The main feature of the “Forest” curtain tracks is variability of the constructions. In our company you can order curtain tracks of the following kinds:

Aluminum ceiling curtain rails;

Curtain tracks with mechanical control;

Construction for curtains with remote control;

Curtain tracks compatible with “Smart home” system. 

Thanks to modern technologies of the curtain tracks production, consumers can enjoy the variety of  products with extra features. This line of curtain tracks could be equipped with manual duplication feature, “Touch-motion” feature etc. Optionally there could be installed special wall switches to make use of the curtain tracks the most convenient.

“Torro” curtain track systems

Electric curtain track “Torro” is the unique system, equipped with a lot of extra features and functions. Rails are made of high-quality and tested materials, that provides reliability and long product life. The advantages of the qualitative rods from this line are:

“Touch-motion” option;

Possibility to produce rails with arch and slewing bending;

Possibility to use manual control of the curtain track;

Possibility to synchronize curtain tracks with “Smart home” system.

Variety of accessories for the curtain tracks helps to improve the system and make it more convenient for users. You are welcome to contact our company if you need to find the item of the famous brand with guarantee of high quality. We also offer urgent installing service without extra payment.

Components and curtain tracks “Zegar”

We were analyzing the world market for a long while to choose the reliable and stable business partner. As a result of  our thorough and hard working we have chosen the company “Zegar”, which is dealing on the market from the thirtieth years of the previous century. Many decades long this manufacturer worked at improvement of the production technology.  As a result you can order really qualitative products at reasonable price, which can serve you for a long time. In our catalogue you can find the following products of “Zegar” company:

Curtain rods;

Decorative rod ends;


Curtain rails;

Holders and devices.

There is provided 5 years guarantee for all goods made under “Zegar” TM to prove the high quality of their products. We are official representative of this company on the territory of the Baltic states, that is why we have the possibility to deliver qualitative curtain tracks, components and accessories at the best prices.

“Rails” system

This system is a universal and practical solution for window decoration of any size and shape. Rails are  made of high-end profile “Alex”, which is strong and flexible.

This profile, made of qualitative aluminum alloy, allows to produce curtain tracks of different shapes, including trapezium, arch etc. It means, that in case of placing an order for the “Rails” system, you will get the possibility to change your interior without extra expenses.

This profile costs not much and has excellent qualitative and operating characteristics.  We use only high-quality components for rails and it makes possible to assemble the curtain track within short time. Usually it takes us 15 minutes. You are welcome to visit our office, place an order and in 20 minutes maximum you will get a curtain track absolutely ready for installation. We fulfill the orders out of turn, and also we offer measuring service for free.

Advantages of the cooperation with our company.

Our clients' opinions are highly appreciated for us, that is why we do our best to satisfy every customer. Besides the wide range of curtain tracks, accessories and components, we provide high service to our customers. When contacting us, you can count on the following benefits:

Consultation concerning any questions for free;

Professional help in choosing the optimal system;

Production of curtain tracks according to any sizes and other characteristics within short terms;

Urgent installing service without extra payment;

Production of any order quantity out of turn.

One of the main benefits, which our customers can enjoy, are reasonable prices for all items from our catalogue. If you would like to equip your house or apartment with modern functional solutions, our specialists are ready to install any chosen system and guarantee you high quality of the final result. Optionally our specialists can synchronize electric curtain tracks with “Smart home” system and do all required settings.

Wide assortment of products

Besides the high-quality and safe curtain tracks and rails we offer wide assortment of the shading solutions. Our company cooperates only with reliable and established producers, that allows us to guarantee high quality of the products we sell. You can order the following items at reasonable prices:

Textile curtains and drapes made of transparent, semi-transparent and solid fabrics;

Roller blinds;

Mosquito nets;

“Day-night” blinds;

Horizontal (Venetian) and vertical blinds;

Roman blinds; 

Japanese blinds.

To hold the leading position on the Baltic area market, our specialists are constantly doing marketing researches, studying the products of different manufacturers. This allows to add new items to our catalogue to meet the requirements of the most exacting customers. If you are searching for really qualitative and not expensive curtain tracks, or trendy and efficient sun-protecting solutions, you are welcome to visit our office or contact us by phone to get detail and professional advice at any convenient time. We guarantee you competent support and friendly consultation. We would be very glad to see you among our clients!