Venetian blinds are suitable for any interior and are efficient solution for sun-protection by windows and doors decoration in any space.

Venetian blinds are resistant to solar radiation and drop of temperature. Venetian blinds are a construction with control-gear placed in the upper rail. These blinds are horizontally slats suspended by the kapron cords one above other and can be rotated in unison. Number of kapron cords depends on slat width.

Slats of Venetian blinds can be made of different materials: wood, plastic, aluminum, leather. We produce Venetian blinds with aluminum slats' width between 16mm and 50mm, Venetian blinds with wooden slats (basswood), width between 25 mm and 50mm, Venetian blinds with textile slats of 50mm width, Venetian blinds with leather slats of 50mm width,  Venetian blinds with bamboo slats , width between 25mm and  50mm.

Venetian blinds are installed in the rooms where it is needed to avoid direct sunlight and glares. With Venetian blinds it is easy to regulate the optimal light amount and its diffusion, optimal for working rooms, where it is necessary to avoid  direct sunlight and glares. During the production of Venetian blinds it is used aluminum tape with solar radiation- and temperature drop-resistant plastic coating of different colors and textures. The certain advantage of aluminum Venetian blinds is its usability. You can select any color of slats and assemble the blinds up to your wish. There is a possibility to amend the construction with special fixing devices to protect the system against mechanical damage.

Venetian blinds are very undemanding, they are resistant to light deformation, have antidust and antistatic features. To clean the Venetian blinds, just fix the slats shut and wipe them by wet or dry microfiber cloth, in case of heavy pollution of Venetian blinds, you can use light soap solution. In case of a strong need it is possible to uninstall the blinds and wash the slats in the pure water or soap solution.

Company “Dormax” offers wide range of Venetian blinds due to variety of materials. It uses modern technologies and can guarantee quality control on each stage of the production of Venetian blinds, that ensures the long life of the product and let it win the leading position in the field of Venetian blinds' sale thanks to its excellent reputation!

You can order high-quality Venetian blinds for plastic windows or wooden frames at competitive and reasonable price at our website. In our catalogue you can find different systems of Venetian blinds with different kinds of slats and types of installation, suitable for transparent constructions as windows and doors made of wooden, metal-plastic or aluminum profile.You are welcome to contact us! Our specialist will help you to select the optimal variant of horizontal blinds which can transform your place and make the atmosphere more comfortable for work and rest. We can fulfill an individual order for horizontal blinds for non-standard windows, for example, to equip the shopwindow or  office divider. With the help of horizontal blinds it is possible to divide any space into zones.

All kinds of Venetian blinds have two years guarantee.