Vertical blinds is a system of vertically placed slats one after other, made of durable specially treated material with high-protective features which almost doesn't fade under sunlight, doesn't accumulate static stress, is pollution-resistant and easy to clean. 

Slats of vertical blinds are fixed onto the upper rail by special holders which can be rotated through 360 degrees. Concerning upper rail mounting – it could be placed on wall, ceiling or window. Mounting brackets can help to take the construction out of the wall for the pretty large distance when needed.

Due to vertical position of slats vertical blinds bring visual effect of enlarged height of the room, fill it with nicety and make especially comfortable and cozy. In the bottom slats are joined by special chain. Wind resistance and stability to other external influences is reached by the own weight of plastic and aluminum slats, or owing to special small weights placed into the bottom part of the textile slat.

Slats of vertical blinds can be of different colors and textures – from solid and heavy ones to thin and almost transparent. This could be reached by the variety of materials used for slats of vertical blinds. These materials are textile, PVC, wood and also such a kind of textile vertical blinds called “string blinds”.

Vertical blinds is a convenient and efficient solution, actual both for private houses and for modern offices. They protect from sunlight, wind, dust, restrict the field of view, serve as room doors, screening elements for shelves, racks and stands and as office dividers. The main thing is that they are very easy to operate. There could be used manual or electric drive control – vertical blinds could be easy moved from the center or from one side to another, this allows to adjust light amount in the room from soft diffused light to the total blackout.