Our assortment was updated with a new roller blinds system called RT.

As ready items we can offer two variants: free-hanging and duolight.

The main advantages of this system are:

  • well-engineered solution (RT brackets are without any overhangs, convenient and ergonomically-designed mounting of the installing profile to the brackets);
  • possibility of wall, ceiling installing and integrated installation;
  • three colors available for your choice (white, black, gray), not depending on the system's variant;
  • motor variants are available with new adapters of holders,   matching the system's color;
  • three sizes of brackets and installing profile are available, standard for tube diameter 32mm, 40 mm, 45mm, 48mm;
  • profitable prices in comparison with similar solutions.

Special attention should be given to extra large variants of RT systems with tube diameter 50 mm and 60 mm which are available only with electric drive control.

Using of large diameter tubes and powerful AC motors (up to 60 rpm) allows to drop the cloth quickly, even if it is relatively big (up to 30 cm/second)

Roller blind system RT is also available for sell in components. You are warmly welcome to learn more about new system and place orders.