Friends, in case you forgot: spring is coming! 

The gray days will soon end, and you should  think about how easy and convenient it is to regulate the solar pressure where you live. As they say: prepare the sleigh in the summer, and the blinds in the winter.

If you value convenient, beautiful and inexpensive ,, then we have a bomb  offer for you blinds "day-night".

A little about this miracle thing. Blinds Day - Night consist of flats of double material, one of which is translucent, and the second is more dense. “Pull the string” and the strips of fabric will shift, and you get a dark night in the room or a comfortable sunny day.

We have cool cassette and hinged blinds Day-Night, and even the exclusive Coulisse Absolute blinds are just a fairy tale. Call - we'll tell you!

There are materials and colors for every, even the most sophisticated taste!

Are you still thinking?!

Then, here are all the advantages of blinds Day - Night:

Dimming from 10-100%

Textures and colors for every taste

Versatility (can be used in all rooms)

Ease of care (enough vacuum cleaner)

3 usage modes

Antistatic impregnation


All sorts of technical things are on our website:

Do not pull, now the prices are more than friendly, and inflation does not stand still. Of course, you can order it anywhere, but excellent blinds at a good price with reliable and fast installation are only here!

Just call tel. 27 434343. You won't regret it! We are sure: our blinds and our masters will satisfy all your expectations!