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Mosquito nets

Mosquito nets for windows and doors.

High-quality and reliable mosquito nets for windows and doors - will retain their qualities over time, are resistant to tearing and breaking, do not change color, do not crumble.

Door mosquito nets Door mosquito nets
Since there were developed mosquito nets for doors, they became as popular as window mosquito nets. They can be installed not only into balconies, loggia and winter gardens, but also they are used on the doorways in cottages, kitchens in the child institutions and hospitals. The installed mosquito n..
Ex Tax:70.25€
Roller mosquito net is the most convenient variant and excellent protection for your house from insects. It is installed onto window opening or window- frame. System of mounting has attractive appearance, and special mechanism is easy to use. Using this net you won't care about where and how to ..
Ex Tax:66.12€
Today pleated mosquito nets are very popular, as they are an excellent protection from insects and element of décor which can transform your interior. They are mainly used in the rooms with large openings. Due to construction's features they could be folded to any side. Nets “Genius..
Ex Tax:99.17€
(production within 15 minutes on the spot) Frame mosquito nets are one of the most popular kind of window nets. This window accessory has got such a success on the market due to its simplicity and usability. Frame constructions are light in weight and can be installed on any kind of windows: PVC win..
Ex Tax:20.66€
Sliding mosquito nets Sliding mosquito nets
For terraces and balcony windows, glazed with sliding constructions, the best variant is to use sliding mosquito nets – designed specially for this kind of glazing.  The operation principle of sliding nets is the same as on doors in the train compartments. In case of necessity mosquito ne..
Ex Tax:90.91€
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