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We are pleased to present you wide range of sunshades from the famous Swiss company “Glatz” which in known by the high-quality products and individual style since 1895.
Company “Glatz” is famous as manufacturer who implements high-tech designs for its products – sunshades. Except proved and developing for many years qualitative frameworks, mounting hardware, hinges and other elements of the sunshade construction, there can be integrated high-tech electronic systems into the product. Sunshade can be equipped with electronic servodrives for opening and folding of the sunshade, street-lighting, system of IR-heaters. All this can be operated by the control button on the sunshade or by remote control. Thanks to all above mentioned things the sunshade becomes an element of the “Smart home” system.
Company “Glatz” produces sunshades using the fabrics which are manufactured according to unique patented technology. Such fabric is extra resistant to UV radiation. Besides, this fabric is very strong. All fabrics for sunshades “Glatz” are divided into 5 classes. The lowest class 2, the highest – 5. Cost of the sunshade depends on fabric's class.
Prices: from 620 EUR to 1050  EUR

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Maximum size 3000x3000
Classical sunshade of the middle size. Rigidity of the construction provides the sunshade with significant wind-resistance.
Can withstand wind speeds up to 80km/h!
Accessories: all-weather cover with zipper.

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