Insects and dust in the house are the most annoying factors which disturb to enjoy the home cosines or focus on work. They bring especially many troubles in summer time, many Europeans however need to protect theirselves from insects all the year round. 

If you do not like to deprive your home of the fresh air and need to ventilate the room from time to time, mosquito net will be the best choice for you. Installing of mosquito net is equally relevant for the country-houses' owners situated close to the forest or water, and for residents of big cities. In the countryside the main troubles are flies and mosquito, but in the city mosquito net can protect you from many kinds of pollutions: dust, exhaust and other hazardous substances.

Modern mosquito nets have different constructive features and could be installed both on the single window casement and to  frame the whole terrace or winter garden. Currently there are more and more popular pet screen mesh which can defend your pet from falling out the window and any possible injuries. If you would like to keep your house and air in it clean and fresh, want to be saved from “uninvited guests”   and provide comfortable living and working – install the high-end mosquito net and enjoy the comfort during any season of the year in any weather. 

Mosquito net advantages

Do you still think that mosquito net will only spoil your luxurious interior, won't fit in exterior of the house or office building? We are ready to assure you that modern mosquito nets possess the attractive and flavorful appearance. For the most strict aesthetes there were created “invisible” nets which are almost inconspicuous even at a close distance. Among the other advantages of the modern mosquito nets there could be mentioned the following ones:

  • Possibility to protect not only from importunate insects, but also from dust, fuzz, trash, rain and snow;
  • Variety of cells characteristics depending on functionality;
  • Permanent and unrestricted air circulation;
  • Easy to install and uninstall the construction of any size and configuration;
  • Easy to care for the item;
  • Efficiencies and long life of the product;
  • Bending-, inflammation and rupture-resistance;
  • Reasonable price.

It should be noted, that you will be able to appreciate all advantages of mosquito nets only if you'll buy the product from the approved specialized company – producer of window systems and blinds.

Kinds of mosquito nets

Depending on the functionality there are four main kinds of mosquito nets among which you can select the optimal one in accordance with your requirements. “Invisible” net is the classical type of window accessory with thin and light construction of the cloth. “Invisible” net is suitable for protection from insects and dust in those spaces, where there is no need in other extra features.

Pet screen mesh

Pet screen mesh is developed specially to protect pets from accidents and rash actions. This item is made of strengthened material, claws-, teethand beaks-resistant. It is recommended to install such construction onto the special strengthened fastener system to prevent falling out of the pet even in case of the sharp blow. The single disadvantage of this construction is lower throughput of the daylight. This imperfection however is absolutely compensated by the safety of your pet. It should be noted that this item can protect not big animals: cats, puppies, parrots. And won't be able to keep from falling out a child or a big dog.

Anti-dust screens

Anti-dust screens will be real rescue for those who suffer from allergy during blossoming and pollen and also for residents of big cities. Such screens are made of the unique material – nylon cloth with reduced cell's size. Nylon does not let in even the smallest insects, stops the dust and allergens. The efficiency of  anti-dust screen is directly depending on its care – do not forget to wipe it with wet cloth at least once a week and to wash it with soap several times a season.

Antibacterial screen will be suitable for apartments and houses where children or persons with weak immunity live. Antibacterial net is treated with special liquid to protect the room from bacteria.

Configuration features of mosquito nets

Depending on the room to be protected you can select one or several kinds of “invisible” net against insects. The most popular variant is frame construction which is combination of reasonable price, strength of the construction and stable tension of the mesh. This modification is mainly used  for window openings, it is easy to install and uninstall when needed.

Door net

Door net is made of strengthened profile, equipped with springs-closers which close the doorway automatically without any slits. As a rule door net is opened towards balcony and installed behind the normal balcony door. Roller net is to be used both for windows and doors. It is placed into a special box, fixed in the upper part of the frame and could be used when needed. Roller net doesn't require difficult care and there is no need to take it off during winter period. 

Sliding mosquito for terraces and balconies

Sliding mosquito net is perfect for terraces and balconies: it consists of panel fixed on the rail and could move to the left and to the right like in the sliding-door wardrobe. Sliding net can be easily used as balcony sash not preventing the fresh air circulation. In the company you can select and buy the suitable type of mosquito net at the most profitable conditions. In case of need our specialists can always help you to make an optimal choice.